Crowns & Bridges


A crown or ‘cap’ is a tooth-shaped cover designed to fit over a natural tooth’s existing structure. They have a variety of purposes and can be used to improve the shape, alignment and shade of a tooth, strengthen teeth weakened by decay, or protect damaged or chipped teeth. They are also an essential part of post-root canal treatment to strengthen the tooth and hide discolouration.


A dental bridge is a common option for replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth. The bridge is cemented onto two anchor teeth; a natural tooth or dental implant on either side of a missing tooth. This holds the replacement prosthetic tooth or teeth in place, filling the gap. Unlike removable dentures, bridges are fixed. Therefore, patients with bridges can confidently eat, talk and laugh without fear of their replacement teeth falling out. Bridges offer financial benefits, as they are often cheaper than other tooth replacement methods.

Contact Grafton Dental Centre today if you are experiencing tooth loss, damage or have difficulty eating or chewing. Our team is happy to hear your dental goals and will find a solution to improve your oral health. If you already have a filling, veneer, bridge or crown, we can also teach you proper at-home cleaning and care techniques during your consultation to maintain oral hygiene and durability.