Endodontic (root canal) Treatment

Endodontic treatment, also referred to as root canal, is carried out when the blood or nerve supply of a tooth (known as the pulp) is severely infected due to decay or injury. To save the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading, the pulp is removed and the root is cleaned and filled.

If the infected pulp is not removed, the infection could spread through the root canal system of the tooth and lead to an abscess. Sometimes bone loss in the jaw can occur and the tooth may also start to darken in colour – meaning the nerve is dying. The gum will detach itself from the tooth and eventually result in tooth loss.

Contact Grafton Dental Centre immediately if you notice:

  • A constant, unprovoked toothache
  • Tooth pain when biting or chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages
  • A spot on your gum line
  • Puss oozing from the affected tooth
  • Any loosening of your tooth
  • Swollen or painful tissue in the gum area surrounding your tooth

These are symptoms indicating your tooth pulp may be infected or decayed and an abscess may have formed. If addressed in time with endodontic treatment, the damage could be reversed and your tooth saved. Root canal procedures have a high success rate and your treated tooth can become fully functional again and last a long time, providing good oral hygiene is practiced.