Sports Mouthguards

Custom made mouthguards are an invaluable investment for people who participate in high contact sports and activities. They provide the most effective way of reducing the impact of serious blows to the face and preventing oral injuries.

During a consultation, our dentists can design a custom made sports mouthguard to sit precisely and comfortably around your teeth using moulds from your upper and lower teeth. The major advantage is that this tight fit allows you to speak and breathe as normal, while protecting your teeth, gums and jaw. Unlike standard mouthguards, a customised mouthguard will not dislodge or fall out while playing sport.

Children and adults diagnosed with teeth clenching and/or grinding disorders (TMJ treatment) can also benefit from custom made mouthguards. When worn at night, the mouthguard acts as a barrier to prevent teeth from further damage.

Contact our team today and schedule a consultation to have a custom made mouthguard designed for you or a family member.