Wisdom Tooth Removal

Adults have up to 32 teeth in a full set. The last four teeth to appear are wisdom teeth; found at the rear of the jaw on the top and bottom gums. This eruption usually occurs during late teenage years or early twenties, although some people never get their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth can erupt in a normal position with minimal disruption. However, for the majority of people, the eruption stage of wisdom teeth is painful and troublesome. Insufficient room in the jawline or wisdom teeth that have grown sideways (impacted), are common causes.

Extraction is only recommended when wisdom teeth are impacted, are causing infection to surrounding tissue (pericoronitis), or decay is present. It is important to have your wisdom teeth assessed by a professional, as complications can lead to more serious problems. For example, unnecessary force placed on nearby teeth could make them crooked and disrupt your bite.

If one or more of your wisdom teeth are causing you or your child pain, arrange a consultation with Grafton Dental Centre today. Our team can assess the position of wisdom teeth roots and evaluate if removal (extraction) is needed, putting an end to discomfort and pain.